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Dental Negligence

The recommended twice yearly dental check up can, for some of us, be a difficult experience. However, whether it's a routine check up or a more complicated procedure such as root canal treatment, we should all expect to receive the best level of care possible.


The majority of procedures carried out by qualified and professional dental practitioners are successful, but for those unfortunate enough to experience something going wrong we can help you claim the compensation you deserve.


We categorise dental negligence three ways:


Delayed diagnosis occurs when your dentist takes too long to identify a problem with your oral health. This includes failing to act upon signs of gum disease or tooth decay or missing conditions such as abscesses.


Misdiagnosis happens when the dentist misjudged the problem which in turn leads to worsening symptoms and treatment that could have been avoided. This includes removal of an incorrect tooth or use of the wrong drugs to treat a problem.


Poor dental work occurs when the dentist fails to carry out any treatment to a reasonable standard. It includes fitting incorrect implants, fillings, crowns or sub standard root canal treatment. 


Our dental negligence experts work tirelessly to help our clients gain the compensation they deserve. If you feel you've been a subject of dental negligence then contact us now and we'll assess your claim and help you through every part of the process.

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