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Road Traffic Accidents

Provisional figures recently released by the Department of Transport show that there has been a decrease in the number of people injured in road traffic accidents for the year ending June 2015.


Whilst clearly this is welcome news, the fact remains that over 22,000 people were killed or seriously injured, with a further 157,000 reported to be slightly injured in road traffic accidents.


If you're personally injured in a road traffic accident, whether that's as a driver or passenger in a vehicle, on a motorbike, on a bicycle or as a pedestrian you may be eligible to claim compensation. We can even help you if the other party was not insured.


To help us with your claim it would be useful to have the date and location of the accident, names and contact details of any witnesses along with any information about the medical assistance you've received since the accident.


We have a specialist and dedicated Road Traffic Accident Team who will listen to you, assess your claim for free and help you through the process, ensuring you get the compensation to which you're entitled.


Below are some examples of recent road traffic accident claims we have settled and the amounts of compensation paid:

  • Mrs C, 6 month soft tissue injury to neck and back - £2,100
  • Mr F, 12 month soft tissue injury to neck and back - £3,300
  • Miss K, 18 month soft tissue injury to neck, shoulder and back - £4,750
  • Mr M, fracture wrist - £13,750
  • Mrs K, fractured ankle leaving permanent symptoms with associated psychological injury - £20,000
  • Mr T, dislocated hip and fractured femoral head - £50,000

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